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Face Lift

As we age wrinkles, skin laxity and contour changes occur in the face and neck that cause us to have an older and tired looking appearance. As elasticity diminishes with the aging process we begin to see more facial lines, deepening of wrinkles and skin laxity from relaxation of the skin and underlying musculature. The once smooth jawline begins to develop jowling that contributes to an aged appearance. 

What is a Facelift?

A facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that reverses some of these signs of aging. The primary purpose of the facelift is to restore the shape, volume, and contours of the youthful face to achieve a natural and rejuvenated appearance. This includes reducing facial jowling, neck laxity and facial sagging by resuspending these fallen features back to their youthful position. Facelift techniques have evolved over the years, and multiple techniques exist to customize an approach that best fits the individual patient and their goals. Facelifts are commonly combined with other rejuvenation techniques that address the neck eyes, lips and brows. 

Am I a Candidate for a Facelift?

Candidates for facelift surgery include both healthy men and women who are bothered by premature signs of aging. This includes sagging, jowling, deflated cheeks, deepening of their wrinkles and an overall appearance that makes them feel older than they are. These changes can occur at any age and your surgeon can discuss the best treatment plan to get you feeling like you again! 

How is a Facelift done?

A facelift is first and foremost completed with meticulously placed incisions hidden in the natural folds and hairline to minimize any signs of scarring. Not only is the skin lifted back into its youthful position, but the underlying muscular layer called SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) in the face is vertically lifted and tightened so your result can last! While the aging process will continue after surgery, you will always look better and more youthful than if you never had a facelift

Benefits of a Face and necklift

  • More rested, youthful appearance

  • Long Lasting Confidence

  • Lifting descending skin and facial structures

  • Long-lasting results: While non-surgical treatments like fillers and Botox can provide temporary improvements, a facelift provides long-lasting results that can last for several years.

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