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Ear Lobe Repair

Earlobe repair is a surgical procedure that is used to correct damage or deformities to the earlobe. This procedure can be performed for a variety of reasons, such as repairing torn earlobes from wearing heavy earrings, repairing stretched or elongated earlobes from the use of gauges or earlobe reduction to reduce large or droopy earlobes.  

The procedure typically involves removing the damaged or stretched tissue and reconstructing the earlobe using sutures. In most cases, earlobe repair can be performed under local anesthesia.

Earlobe repair can help to restore the appearance of the earlobe and improve the overall symmetry and balance of the face. It is a popular procedure for people who have suffered damage to their earlobes, either from trauma or from wearing heavy earrings. The procedure is also commonly performed as part of facial rejuvenation procedures, to help restore a more youthful and attractive appearance to the face.  

Typical recovery time for earlobe repair is 1 week. After 6 weeks the ears can be repierced or the patient may begin to wear heavier earrings (besides studs).. Overall, earlobe repair is a safe and effective procedure that can provide significant aesthetic and functional benefits for patients. Dr. Klimczak will determine the best approach for earlobe repair to achieve your best possible result.

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